Famous Love Quotes

Dont walk in front of me I may not follow Dont walk behind me I may not lead Just walk beside me and be my friend.



One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

Arnold H Glasgow                                                      


Difficulties increase the nearer we approach our goal.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe                                                      


If they want peace nations should avoid the pinpricks that precede cannon shots.

Napoleon Bonaparte                                                      


A blessed thing it is for any man or woman to have a friend one human soul whom we can trust utterly who knows the best and worst of us and who loves us in spite of all our faults.

Charles Kingsley                                                      


No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.

George Burns                                                      


It is easy to fly into a passionanybody can do thatbut to be angry with the right person and at the right time and with the right object and in the right waythat is not easy and it is not everyone who can do it.



I pledge you .I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people.



The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Oscar Wilde                                                      


If only God would give me some clear sign Like making a large deposit in my name in a Swiss bank.

Woody Allen                                                      


It is not strange ... to mistake change for progress.

Millard Fillmore                                                      


A hero is no braver than an ordinary man but he is braver five minutes longer.

Ralph Waldo Emerson                                                      


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